Hi, I am Ashutosh,
Software Developer.

Android Developer Computer Science Undergrad, Linux and Mobile Tech Enthusiast, Video Editing, and spend most time to explore the open-source world.






About Me

Who am I

I'm an experienced Android developer with over 3 years of Experience.

I've had the privilege to work on a diverse range of projects like Gaming Companion app, Smart home app, Blockchain app and Complex consumer facing app. When I'm not coding, I love to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and also I love video editing. Apart from computer stuff I like dancing and football.

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Technologies I've been working with:


  • Android
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Clean Architecture
  • MVVM
  • Kotlin Coroutine
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • IOS


  • Django
  • Flask
  • Firebase
  • GraphQL


Experience & Education

Professional Experience

Binaryveda Mumbai

As an aspiring Android developer, The project I am working on is not only showcased my technical skills but also highlighted my project management and problem-solving capabilities.. manage client expectations, and deliver a high-quality mobile application. I successfully created an app that met and exceeded the client's expectations. This project not only expanded my technical proficiency but also demonstrated my commitment to producing exceptional results

#JetpackCompose #CleanArchitecture #GraphQl #AWSServices #Socket #KotlinCoroutine

2022 - Present

DIATOZ Bangalore

I have worked on a Smart Home Application app ( Kotlin ) that can control the smart lights and remotes using BLE-Mesh Technology. Followed MVVM design pattern, Used Jetpack Navigations, Material UI, ViewPager2, Room Database, Kotlin Coroutine etc. I also contributed to iOS Development by implementing Almofire for API Calls, Navigation Controllers and publishing it to Test flight

#Kotlin #MVVM #BLE #KotlinCoroutine #RoomDB #Retrofit

2020 - 2022

Effcode Pune

I worked as a Backend Developer ( Django ). Created APIs by using Django REST framework on REST Architecture. and Created an Onboarding Slack Bot using Flask Framework. I was responsible to create a python script for migration of the database from Mongo DB (NoSQL) to Postgres DB (SQL).

#Python #Django #RESTAPI #PostgresDB #MongoDB #Flask

2019 - 2020


Bachelor of Computer Science

As a computer science student, I was exploring the different fields like Cyber Security (White hacking). when I start learning computer languages I got fascinated with software development stuff. I have honed my programming skills through various projects and assignments.

2017 - 2020


My recent work
Cosmos Ap


Cosmos is a space science app and It is build using Kotlin multiplatform and Nasa public APIs.

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Agency Website


CryptoX is an Android application 📱 It is with Modern Android development tools CryptoX is an Associate Crypto Currency coin app for News, Tweets, Blogs and Coin Information..

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Crypto Application

BGMI Guide App

This is an unofficial guide app for the latest/upcoming game BGMI It contains all the new updates and features which users are waiting for

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Ecommerce Website

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is an Android application 📱 using Realm Database. Developed by CyberNerd. ⍟ Offline Application no need to connect with the Internet. data save in local cache. Quick Snippet Application for Daily Task

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Ecommerce Website

🦋 Animator

Retro Animations for Compose Android Development. Made with ❤️ for Modern Android development.

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